well, it's done... when-pigs-fly is here.

what we-the-people with a somewhat educated mind thought could never happen in the U S of A... yeah, 'Merica, for you folks below the Dixie... belt, plumber-crack, line... whatever. But don't you ever say never, not here, for lookit-lookit, 'tis the middle of a darn hot July--with four loooong months until November--and we are stuck in this circus of inept loud clowns and stupid masses suddenly noticing that the orange elephant in the room is shitting red turds all over us.

Hell yeah, I am truly disappointed, can you tell? I thought those crazy-ass Repus were going to have fun and coup-coop the combover rooster, a la Turkey, rumbling dirty in Cleveland to nominate anyone else, who cared whom. But this? this cowardly laying down and go ahead, quick, insert-the-anal-Trump, deep? Nope, not ready, not I. 

Oh, and the nation's press, the so-called heroes of freedom of... aha, liberal/conservative/wacko unethical merchants of the virtual dictionaries, all of them should be shamed down to their sweaty balls about this mess that they helped create. Today, a massive cloud of gassy flagellation of mea-culpas should be on every front page, asking for forgiveness from we-the-people instead of continuing with the loud headlines about the vinyl-coated plagiaristic, gaudy, lying, teethy family... one step away from being a Real nightmare... for US all. Yes, I want accountability, please, for the haha joke is over and the joker is one election away from becoming the Chief... the fool on the hill, governing us, and of course, the world. This sick world in revolt, tired, worn, beat... oh yeah, this world... that hates the US of A, butOFcourse, and with more reason, now.

But let's be positive. I want to be intelligent about it; however,    SIGUE / CONTINUES